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News Updates

Welcome to the Brand New team.quickcsr Update 3! This new revision merges the orginal team.quickcsr with the automated system implemented in the previous update (with a few extra goodies). Here's a list of the new stuff I just added to the site:

  • Pre-Game Lobby (enter in your team/opponents' gamertags before a match to see their CSR!)
  • Post-Game Lobby (Automatically grabs all of your game data!)
  • Post-Game Carnage Report (displays all of the essential stats from the game you're viewing)
  • Viewing Previous Games (Go into the past and relive how badly you destroyed your opponents' CSRs)

A few notes I'd like to mention... Clicking the 'Update' button will always load your most recent game (this also goes for if you refresh and have your gamertag in the vanity URL). We don't load "Custom", "Spartan Ops", or "Campaign" games because they don't include CSR. The 'Post-Game Carnage Report' may not display very well on mobile devices (depending on your resolution) because scaling tables is a huge hassle. I'd tried to add only the essential stats in the report so it wouldn't be totally cut off.

That should be everything! News may go dark for a bit because my finals are coming up here in a week (then graduation next weekend).

Hope you guys like it! Thanks again!!

Reev3rb • April 30, 2013

Hey everyone! I wanted to quickly give some thanks to Joey N. and Michael M. for their awesome donations to the site! We're able to keep the server\ running full throttle because of you guys! And we'll definitely need to! Here's some recent site stats:

  • Over 1,500,000 site hits
  • Over 21,000 unique visitors
  • Over 18gigs of bandwidth used

Thank you all so much for using the sites! I'm currently working on the next update to I've been\ working on merging the elements from the old site with a new post-game carnage report in a tab based system. So the new update will likely include:

  • Pre-game tab (enter your opponents' gamertags and see their CSR before the game)
  • Post-game Carnage Report (automatically pulls after game stats including if your/your opponents' CSR went up or down)
  • Option to view more than one previous game for the Post-game Carnage Report

If you'd like to see the new format for the Post-game report go HERE

Once again, thanks for using the site! I'm looking forward to pushing new updates as soon as they're finished ;)

Reev3rb • April 27, 2013

Hey all! Hope you guys are enjoying the sites. I wanted to give a super special thank you to Brendan M. and Jason C. for their generous donations to the site! We really appreciate it and can't thank you guys enough!

As always, feel free to tweet @Reev3rb me if anyone has any questions or additions they would like considered for future updates! Also, if you haven't tried it out yet, go check out to keep track of all of your friend's ranks in one place!

Once again, thank you all for using the sites!

Reev3rb • April 22, 2013

Hey everyone! Just updated the site with a completely re-written script that should load all of your TeamCSR Ranks significantly faster than before! Dabbled in some Multiprocessing stuff with Python and made it quite a bit more efficient.

Hope you guys like it!

More updates soon!

Reev3rb • April 21, 2013

Hello there! Added a small donation button to the bottom of both sites because a few of you were asking about donations (which we happily accept!). The money will go straight to Hunter to pay for any server costs we have at the end of each month. If you don't want to donate, no worries! Using and enjoying the site is more than enough for me.

P.S. I also removed the auto-scrolling on team.quickcsr because it was annoying some people ;)

More news soon!

Reev3rb • April 20, 2013

Hey guys! This is the new add-on domain to quickcsr where you can easily get the ranks of your entire team in one spot (no more looking through browser tabs to compare!). As an addition, you can also enter your opponent's team and view what their ranks as well (and if you beat them, you can see if you made their ranks go down!).

This site will also begin receiving updates on a regular basis (when I get free time):

  • Planning on letting people save their teams so they can access them easily through Vanity URLs
  • I'll be taking any advice that the community has to offer to make the site better and easier to use! Tweet me @Reev3rb!

There's a lot more additions that need to be made, but I hope you guys enjoy it in its current state ;)

More updates soon!

Reev3rb • April 19, 2013